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慶祝SHINING3D 全國銷量新高 Aoralscan3現正優惠中

05.25-26 ADT展場限定 SHINING3D桌掃機熱烈團購中

慶祝SHINING3D 全國銷量新高 Aoralscan3現正優惠中

05.25-26 ADT展場限定 SHINING3D桌掃機熱烈團購中

慶祝SHINING3D 全國銷量新高 Aoralscan3現正優惠中

SHINING3D AoralScan3



Fast Speed|High Accuracy|Powerful AI Process|Intuitive Communication

Aoralscan3 applys to any clinical application

Inculding scanbody,crown etc.

Satisifed different clinical application

2 Tip Sizes

Accommodates adults and children Anti-fogging


Single arch in 25s Full arch in 1 min

Motion Sensing Less Contact, Much Safer

Dentists can scan with minimal contact with the computer, ensuring a safe and efficient scan experience.

More Accurate

Thanks to optimized algorithms and imaging mechanism, Aoralscan 3 carries out more accurate and precise results by 30%, meeting the clinical needs of different applications.

Regular Series

Focus Scanning


1. Up to 22mm Deep Scan Depth

2. The first to metal scanning module

3. No annual fee

4. Light weight

5. One-button Control

6. Auto Anti-fogging 

7.  Fast speed

8.  High Accuracy



• Coordinate Adjustment

• Bite Check

• Tooth Marking

• Undercut Check

• Cloud Platform

Premium Series

not only scan but also have multiple applications

Update Notes

• Dental3D Cloud 

•Auto power detect 

•Computer Performance

•Denture Scan


Manfacture APP

•Temp crown Design



Counseling assistance APP

•Oral Health 

•Teeth Segmentation


Clinic analysis  APP

•Model Comparison


The Aoralscan 3 intraoral scanner can be applied for clinical indications range spans general restorations, implants and orthodontics. Whether through same-day chairside restorations or clinic-dental lab integrated treatments, it always provides a state-of-the-art user experience.