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vhf E5

The innovative dry milling machine

◻️No compressed air is used with the patent AIRTOOL

◻️100% developed and manufactured in Germany🇩🇪

◻️C-holder for 90° machining of anterior teeth

vhf Z4

The 4-axis milling machine for wet machining

◻️Built-in compressed air

◻️Integrated touchscreen and Wi-Fi module

◻️PUREWATER: no grinding additives except for titanium processing

◻️Mill screw-access channels, to save costs for  “meso” blocks

vhf N4+

The 4-axis wet milling machine for blocks and abutments

◻️Work on up to 3 blocks with 45 mm length at the same time

◻️Conveniently removable cooling liquid tank

◻️High-precision milling and grinding for all common indications

vhf K5+

The 5-axis milling machine for dry machining.

◻️DIRECTDISC Technology for revolutionary disc clamping

◻️Covers the broadest range of indications, due to ± 35° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 40 mm discs

◻️Mills the toughest materials on the market, incl. CoCr

◻️Ionizer and improved air circulation for easy machine cleaning

vhf R5

The 5-axis milling machine for non-stop dry and wet machining.

◻️Automatic changer holds up to 10 discs, 60 blocks, or 60 prefab abutments

◻️Mills and grinds the toughest materials on the market including all titanium and CoCr materials

◻️Drilling of screw access channels – saves costs for “meso” blocks