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vhf N4+

The wet milling powerhouse

4Axes|3 Blocks| 8 Tools

.The 4-axis wet milling machine for blocks and abutments    

.Premium spindle with 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings for maximum running smoothness

.PUREWATER: no grinding additives except for titanium processing
.Work on up to 3 blocks with 45 mm length at the same time

.Milling of screw channels – saves costs for “meso” blocks
.Conveniently removable cooling liquid tank
.Automatic changer for 8 tools
.Webcam in working chamber for remote monitoring and service

Milling of titanium abutments

Scientists at the University of Washington confirm exceptional precision of −10 µm to +26 µm in milling of titanium custom abutments.

Enjoy the freedom of choice

All common block materials up to 45 mm in length and even abutments

🔹glass ceramics

High-precision milling and grinding for all common indications




The Best In-house choice

Case and Operation Experience Sharing

From Dr.Stefen Shen

Technical Data