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vhf R5

The gold standard for lab. High-end dental restorations non-stop.

Highest precision
.Restorations in Ultra HD
.High-precision spindle with 800 watts of power and 80,000 rpm
.3 μm repetition accuracy

Highly economical
.One of the fastest machines on the market
.Revolutionary material loading with DIRECTDISC Technology (patent pending)
Automatic changer holds up to 10 discs, 60 blocks, or 60 prefab abutments
.Webcam in working chamber for remote monitoring and service
DIRECTCLEAN Technology enables wet and dry on the fly: ionizer, self-cleaning and built-in dryer 
.Drilling of screw access channels – saves costs for “meso” blocks

Tremendous stability

Maximum freedom regarding materials and sizes

No material is off limits: discs, blocks, and abutments

composites / plastics / glass ceramics / zirconia / titanium / CoCr


Maximum freedom of indication
crown / bridge / inlay / onlay / abutment / telescopic crown / model plate / model cast / occlusal splint / model tooth / implant bar / veneer / drilling template / denture secondary crown / screw-retained bridge / protrusion splint

Technical Data